Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

First, I would like you all to know that I LOVE the entire Twilight Series. At first I was very reluctant to pick up the book, my friend begged me for a year to please read it and watch the movie, which I flat out refused. But one day she finally convinced me, and since I had nothing better to do at the time, I agreed. The rest is history, I became obsessed. I read this book in three days. Yes, all 498 pages in THREE days!

I loved that this wasn't your typical vampire story. I actually hate those books, I don't like anything dark with places that I don't even want to picture myself in. When I think of Vampire stories I think of an ugly castle on top of a cliff, where the sun doesn't shine, and the only creatures up there are bats. I HATE THAT! Where on earth does a place like that really exist?! NOWHERE!
But Twilight takes place in Washington State, in a high school, with normal people like you and me. It's very easy to imagine.

Once you get into it, it's very hard to put down. You'll want to know why Edward is acting the way he does towards Bella. It's as if she hates her, and you want to know why as much as she does. Then when you get to know him a little better, you will love him.
This story isn't too much, it's just the beginning of a crazy love story. It's not action packed like the other books, but you will get a little suspense towards the end. From there on the story just gets better.

Those of you that haven't read it because you think you're too cool to have something in common with teeny-boppers are really missing out. Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer. I've never read anything more descriptive than her books. She really wants you to picture and feel what she is picturing and feeling as she is writing. When I read something, I love watching the story unfold in my mind, and she makes sure that we get exactly what she intended.

As for the Twilight movie, I absolutely HATED IT! HATED HATED HATED IT! I was sooooooo mad after I saw it. I couldn't believe they did such a terrible job. I couldn't believe they ruined one of my favorite books like that. It was atrocious! If you haven't seen the movie, please spare yourself. It's the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. However, I loved New Moon, but that's a whole different post.

I'd love to hear what you all have to say. Please leave your comments. This is one discussion I would love to have with both Twilight Lovers and Haters.


Before you read my review, you must know three things. One, when the movie Twilight came out, I made fun of ALL THE LOSERS who where obsessed with it! Mimi was the one who convinced me to read the books, and once I read the first one I was hooked! Secondly, I have a weird obsession for Edward Cullen, and I am 100% team Edward!

Lastly, I am not a fan of the other main character, Bella. She is way too clumsy and in this book she is a big puss, but I guess it’s not her fault.

This book is my least favorite out of the series. Twilight is just warming you up to the characters, once you get to the other books, there will be WAY MORE action. Even though it’s not my favorite, it is still a page-turner and you will want to read the rest of the books.

Having said that, you become sucked into the world of Forks, Washington and the mind of Bella Swan. While reading you feel as if you are Bella, and Edward is your Romeo, no better then Romeo, because in EVERY way, Edward is perfect.

I don’t want to tell you what happens in the book, because you really should read it. But in a nutshell they fall in love and they are faced with quite a few obstacles, but in the end love conquers all.

I also feel the need to point out how mothers are “worried” that their daughters are reading these books. I got this quote off of Amazon. See what this crazy mom has to say:

As I read, I became more and more disturbed by what I was seeing…Pretend for a moment that Edward is not a vampire, but merely a controlling, obsessive, dangerous, violent, stalking, unpredictable, unstable human male. Try re-reading some of the main characters' conversations with that in mind. As a mother, I'm not so worried about my daughter falling in love with a vampire. What I am worried about is her being influenced by the kind of all-too-human male I've just described.”

Seriously lady? You know, young people can read books and actually think on their own after they are done. And believe it or not, most weak ass women end up marrying controlling, obsessive, dangerous and violent men and they haven’t even read these books!

So, in conclusion I think this book is good for any woman of any age. You just have to go in with an open mind, and I promise you will enjoy yourself and the world of Forks.



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  1. I agree Christupida, That lady needs to take a chill pill YESTERYEAR! She's the one that sounds like the psycho!