Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Sorry Ladies and Gents, this book has not been finished, much less published.
It was leaked a few years ago and Stephenie Meyer decided to post it up in her website. This book is Twilight through Edward's perspective. I loved that we got to see where he was when he left school, what other people were thinking, and what he was thinking about Bella when we thought he hated her.

In this "book" you will hate Jessica 1000 times more, see that Angela is a good friend, and will be annoyed by Mike Newton. You will also fall in love with Edward to the 100th power, and will want to jump out of a 10th story when you realize that this is possibly one of the best books in the entire series, definitely top 3, and that you will not get any more.

The only thing I hated in this book was where she stopped writing. It was the best part! THE MEADOW! That's when I really wanted to know what Edward was thinking. I really hope the author picks it up and finishes soon.

Now I have an open letter for Mrs. Stephenie Meyer:

Dear Stephenie,

I know you say you just haven't been that inspired but PLEASE PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP AND FINISH THE BOOK. I also would love it if you could write New Moon from Edwards perspective. I want to know what was going on all that time he was absent. And if you could write a couple more books for the series while you are at it, I'd really appreciate it. Gracias!

Midnight sun was a gift from Stephenie Meyer. It was never supposed to be made public, and luckily it was leaked online so she now has it on her website for FREE.

You won't be reading this unless you are a true fan of the Twilight series, and there are no spoilers here. It is the first book all over again, but from Edward's perspective.

If you loved Edward before, you will be OBSESSED with him now. You finally understand how truly hard it was for him to be around Bella.

Not only will you love him more, but you will hate Bella 100000 times more. She does NOT deserve him. Even his thoughts are pure and sweet and he was always thinking about Bella and what was best for her, even in the beginning.

I wish Meyer would write the rest of the books from Edwards point of view because I would definitely buy them, along with all the other 12 year old fans! :)