Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

This book was so short but yet so amazing. It is for any gender, and any age group to enjoy. It's not religious either. It's the story about a man and the five people he sees after he's gone, obviously . However, the crazy thing is that not every person he sees is necessarily important to him... or so he thought.

We get flashbacks into Eddie's life, and how each person he meets in heaven has something to do with that part of his life. I really loved this book because it paints an afterlife I would love. It's full of lessons, and you get to choose your heaven. And when you think about it, your heaven may not necessarily be my heaven. So I'd like to think it's a little like it is in the book.

My favorite stories about the people he meets in heaven, are the first and last, but I must say that the way he loved his wife, and their story, is beautiful to read.

I read this book in less than a day. It's not going to keep you at the edge of your seat, but it is very inspirational and interesting.

I also liked the movie. They kept it really close to the book. I love when they do that!
I definitely recommend both!

The five people you meet in heaven is one of those amazing books that I want everyone to read, even if you don't believe in heaven, it is inspirational.

The book is about a simple man named Eddie and his journey from death to heaven. He thought he was a man that no one noticed, he really felt he had no effect on the world. But as he soon discovers, he has made an impact on lives he never knew.

In the book, the 5 people he meets are the 5 steps to get in to heaven. Each step comes along with a lesson. The first lesson was that all people are connected in some way. The second lesson (my favorite) is that people have to make sacrifices in their lives to help others live. I don't want to give away all the lessons because I really do want you to read the book.

Mitch Albom, the author ,does a great job writing the book because he uses one man's life to teach us all many lessons. The book is very short and is a page turner. I read this book in one day because I wanted keep reading to see who the next person Mitch would meet in heaven was.

By then end of the book I promise you will want to pass the book on to someone else. It really helps you realize that every day, you can have an impact on the people around you.

Enjoy this music video with scenes from the movie.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

I really loved this book. It has one of the greatest life lessons I have ever read about. So beautiful, and so sad all at the same time.
I really liked how the author wrote this book. Each chapter was told from a different character's perspective. I believe it was a total of seven characters who's eyes we got to see life through. I have read that some people hated this, but I thought it made the story 20 times better. It let me see how Kate's cancer was affecting everyone in the family. You never think of all the sides when you only get the story through one person, so when you read about how Anna was conceived only to keep Kate alive, but then you read the story through their mom's words, and see that a mother would do anything to save a child, you feel like you understand both of them and you just can't judge them or take sides.
I also loved the end of this book. Although it was very sad, it was a huge lesson. Never take anyone for granted. No matter what. Life is not something that comes with a "guarantee" sticker on it.
As for the movie, I HATED IT. I was so disappointed I almost asked for a refund! I seriously took tissues to the theater for nothing. When I realized that the movie was not going to end like the book, I literally yelled. I heard all of the girls in the movie theater crying and I wanted to be like "SERIOUSLY?!?! Read the book. This ending is nothing compared to the book!"
I give this book a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
My Sister's Keeper was another great book. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it, you will like the book a lot more because the ending is totally different. Not good, but different.

I think young girls and older women would all enjoy it. Jodi Picoult does a great job in writing the book from many different points of view. Not only do you grow attached to the character and their struggles, you are with them as the family is torn apart.

The story is based around the lives of the Fitzgerald family and how they live with one daughter, Kate who has Leukemia, a son Jesse who is rebellious as can be, and Ana who is trying to stick up for herself and live a normal life.

Basically Ana was made for one purpose. To help Kate live. Ana spent most of her life in the hospital donating blood and bone marrow and both her and Kate have had enough.

Throughout the book I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Sara, their mother. I feel like all she cares about is Kate and uses Ana like a lab rat. I know I'm not a mother but I do know that I could never do anything to hurt one child to save another.

Their father Brian on the other hand is loving and agrees that Ana should be able to do what she wants with her own body. I am definitely Team Brian on this one and I feel like he should divorce Sara and make her donate her bone marrow to see how it freaking feels!!


There are a few parts in the book that made me cry like a BABY. First when Kate goes to the dance with her boyfriend and again when he dies! Ugh it was horribly sad! And the ending, oh boy, get your tissues ready!!

Unlike the movie, in the end , Ana dies in a car accident and ultimately ends up donating her kidney to her sister.

I give this book a 9/10. It is one of those books that makes you feel very humble about your own life yet it is still heartwarming. You should definitely read it! If you have already, what did you think about it?


Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out the blog. We really truly appreciate it.
Now that we are catching up on all the reviews of books we've read, we are going to slow up a little. We are about to start reading Shutter Island to change it up a bit, and save some tissues.

If there are any books that you want us to read and review, send us an e-mail and we will definitely try to get to it. Also, please give us input on what you think about the page, and leave comments!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This book is very slow at the beginning, but once you get into it, it just flows. It's such a sad love story, but beautiful all at the same time.

You might get a little confused with the dates at first. It goes back and forth between Henry and Clare and the ages will confuse you. In one chapter Henry will be 35 and two chapters later, he'll be 27. It could get frustrating, but hang in there. You will get the hang of it, and you will like the book. I cried like a little bitch after reading this book. A lot of books make me cry, and this is not in the top 5, but definitely in the top 10.


I didn't like something that Clare did after Henry died, but I hated her friend Gomez even more for taking advantage of the circumstances. He was a total asswipe, and the fact that he was in love with Clare the whole time and married her best friend really bothered me. I wish Henry could have kicked his ass in the book.


You will really enjoy this book. If you liked the movie, you will love the book I promise. Hollywood did a good job, but I think that they take stuff out that will piss you off, and give you the ending you want. That doesn't always happen in the book, and that's what makes them so much better.

I would really like to know what you all though about the book or movie. Comment us.

The Time Travelers Wife was a good book. I would give it a 7/10 only because the beginning was too slow for my liking, and at first it is very confusing.

If you can get past the whole concept of time traveling, I think you will really enjoy it.


It killed me when Clare kept loosing her baby and I wanted to chop Henry's balls off when he got a vasectomy! I think he was very selfish when he did that, especially knowing how much Clare wanted a baby. But if you read the book, than you know everything turned out ok because Clare was a smart ass woman and took advantage of Henry from the past. (That statement is very confusing if you haven't read it..sorry)

I was definitely happy with how it ended. I felt so much better knowing that Clare and Alba got to see Henry again, even after he died. He tells Clare not to wait, but like someone truly in love, she always sat there waiting for him. Sigh. Tear. Sigh again.

I would say this book is good for an “older” audience, probably around high school age. I also thought the movie was pretty good, it made me cry and from what I can remember, it was very similar to the book.

I know a lot of you have read this book, what did you think?


Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Sorry Ladies and Gents, this book has not been finished, much less published.
It was leaked a few years ago and Stephenie Meyer decided to post it up in her website. This book is Twilight through Edward's perspective. I loved that we got to see where he was when he left school, what other people were thinking, and what he was thinking about Bella when we thought he hated her.

In this "book" you will hate Jessica 1000 times more, see that Angela is a good friend, and will be annoyed by Mike Newton. You will also fall in love with Edward to the 100th power, and will want to jump out of a 10th story when you realize that this is possibly one of the best books in the entire series, definitely top 3, and that you will not get any more.

The only thing I hated in this book was where she stopped writing. It was the best part! THE MEADOW! That's when I really wanted to know what Edward was thinking. I really hope the author picks it up and finishes soon.

Now I have an open letter for Mrs. Stephenie Meyer:

Dear Stephenie,

I know you say you just haven't been that inspired but PLEASE PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP AND FINISH THE BOOK. I also would love it if you could write New Moon from Edwards perspective. I want to know what was going on all that time he was absent. And if you could write a couple more books for the series while you are at it, I'd really appreciate it. Gracias!

Midnight sun was a gift from Stephenie Meyer. It was never supposed to be made public, and luckily it was leaked online so she now has it on her website for FREE.

You won't be reading this unless you are a true fan of the Twilight series, and there are no spoilers here. It is the first book all over again, but from Edward's perspective.

If you loved Edward before, you will be OBSESSED with him now. You finally understand how truly hard it was for him to be around Bella.

Not only will you love him more, but you will hate Bella 100000 times more. She does NOT deserve him. Even his thoughts are pure and sweet and he was always thinking about Bella and what was best for her, even in the beginning.

I wish Meyer would write the rest of the books from Edwards point of view because I would definitely buy them, along with all the other 12 year old fans! :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

This was my favorite book in the entire series. It had so much suspense that I literally didn't know what to do with myself.

An ongoing war in my head of whether I liked Bella or not happened in this book a lot!
At the beginning I liked her, then I really hated her, and then I kind of liked her again, but I think it's only because I wish I was her, and then I decided that overall I just freaking hate her!

Within the first 150 pages we get a huge shocker that comes right out of left field! I remember staring at the book and saying "OH MY GOSH!!!" A huge cliffhanger where that section of the book ends.

The second section is everything through Jacob's perspective. I have to admit this was my least favorite part of the book, but I liked that Stephenie Meyer gave us a glimpse into the wolf world. It did help me feel bad for Jacob even though he still annoyed me at times. The end of Jacob's book also had another huge shocker that had me scream out loud. (Which I do often with other books and with my TV)

Then the third and final section I loved! Here everything in the entire series comes together. Everything makes complete sense.


I really liked that Bella was such a natural vampire. She didn't fiend human blood, she was so good with the baby, and she learned how to use her power fast to protect her family.
I LOVED that Edward was so happy to have his wife and baby and their little perfect house close to the rest of the family. It was perfect. Although he suffered most of the book, I loved that in the end it was all worth it and that they would have an eternity of perfection ahead.


I really recommend these books to everyone. Girls, you will love these books. I promise. Mom's read them with your daughters, It's just another way to bond. And boyfriends, I promise that your Twihard girlfriend will love you 10 times more if you read the books.

I read the entire series in 8 days and I've read all four books twice. That's how good they were. I have never before read a book more than once. Never. But these were just so amazing.

These books were all I ever wanted and if Mrs. Meyer can write a couple more, I would greatly appreciate it.


Have you ever won a crap load of money at a casino, or maybe got an A on a huge test? Well when I was finished with Breaking Dawn I felt 100000 times better than that. It was everything I could ever want a book to be. It had a wedding, a baby was born, and there was basically an all out war.

I really liked how we got to see things happen from Jacob's point of view because he let us into the world of the wolves/shape shifters/ whatever you want to call them.

Bella FINALLY becomes a vampire and much to my surprise, she is a great one. This is the only book I actually like her in and I think thats because she is finally graceful and confident.

There were so many twists and turns in this book that there is NO WAY you can put it down. I think I read it in a few days, but I am sure loca Mimi read it in half that time.

I don't care what other people say, I think Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author. She has the ability to bring you into a world you never thought you would enjoy or be able to relate to.

Call us losers, call us silly, but until you give the books a chance you have NO RIGHT to judge us Twihards!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

The third book in the Twilight Series had a lot going on. There wasn't really a slow point in the book at all.

In Eclipse I really started to hate Bella. I thought she was being extremely selfish and I hated her for hurting Edward. I felt bad for Jacob at times, but he got so annoying and immature that I started to just hate him too. Actually, I really really hated Jacob. I wanted to run him over with Bella's big ugly red truck!
I felt so bad for poor Edward. He did anything Bella wanted, and all she did was be a bitch. I basically wanted to slap her across the face every 25 seconds, and I wanted Edward to get tired of it and just leave. Or at least threaten her with leaving. But he's the perfect man, and he didn't do either. Some take that as him being a weenie, but I loved him more for it.

By the end of this book, 90% of all questions you came up with about this story have been answered. Questions such as; "What happens when they go into the light?" "What do they eat?" "How did all of the Cullen's meet?" "Why does Rosalie hate Bella?" Anything you can think of, she answers. This is something I absolutely love about this series.

There is also a battle in Eclipse, way better than the ones in New Moon. Those were nothing compared to the ones in this book. I won't tell you between who, but what I can tell you, is that it's a total nail-biter! I can't wait to see how they make it happen on the big screen.

The pictures Stephenie Meyer paints are amazing. Even with the fight scenes. They are so vivid. The forest, the Vampires, the Werewolves, the action. She really works your imagination. It's something that probably sounds really corny, but if you've read the books, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

There are also a few extra's that Stephenie put on her website that might give you an even BETTER picture of what is going on throughout the story.


I warned you in my Twilight blog that I don’t like Bella, but in Eclipse, NONE of you will like Bella! In this book she is so indecisive and she leads poor Jacob on. My mom calls her a flip-flopper, but I will use the words selfish bitch instead.


In this book, there are once again more people getting killed in the area and you soon find that new vampires are the reason and Victoria is their leader. Luckily, the vampires and wolves come together and the young vamps and Victoria are defeated.

Because of Bella, during all the fighting, Edward almost gets killed and because of her lame ass emotions, Jacob basically becomes suicidal and he runs away.

I do agree with Mimi, Edward should have left Bella or something because she was SO annoying and was basically never happy. But that’s why we are team Edward, he is way better than that!

I wish Bella’s character was more mature in this book. She act’s so confused and she thinks she can be in love with two people at the same time. Thankfully she gets her head out of her ass and chooses Edward.

I can’t wait to see the movie because I have a feeling it will be way better than New Moon and Twilight.


The third movie of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, comes out on June 30th 2010.

Here is a sneak peak at Eclipse

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Of all the books in the Twilight series, this was the one that kept me awake. All I wanted to do was read! I slept for three, maybe four hours, and the first thing I did when I opened my eyes was pick up the book and keep reading.

In this book Bella is heartbroken because of decision Edward has taken for the both of them. I remember being completely shocked and mad at him for half of the book. I'm not going to lie, I hated him for a little, I wanted to punch him. Really hard!
Don't get it twisted though, I was never team Jacob. I thought he was a good friend to Bella, but I always felt she was using him, and he knew it, but he didn't care. I saw from the very beginning that Jacob was a little immature, I just never thought it would annoy me as much as it did.

The second half of the book had me at the edge of my seat until the end. I was literally squirming in my seat and reading with my eyes wide open. I'm going to humiliate myself and say that I might have gone to bed at 6 a.m. that day. My record for this book was two days. No lie!

It wasn't my favorite book, but it was great nonetheless. I felt bad for Bella because of Edward, mad at Edward because of what he did Bella, and bad for Jacob because of what Bella was doing to him. However, those feelings changed later on in the series.

As for the movie, I absolutely loved it. It actually came out on my birthday so I spent my 25th at a movie theater, and it was totally worth the wait. The script writers kept it close to the book, unlike in the movie Twilight, and Chris Weitz (the director) was amazing with all of the camera angles he used!

I give this book a 10 out of 10. Stephenie Meyer really did a great job at keeping the readers on their toes and interested in the whole story.

One more thing I want to address before I end. To all of the people who say they have read the entire Twilight Series and hated it, I just have one question... If you hated it so much, why didn't you just stop reading after the first book? Maybe even the second? But all four?!? Really?!?! You read all FOUR?!? And you kept reading WHY? Yeah Exactly! You liked them! Don't lie! These aren't exactly 50 page books! These are almost encyclopedia sized! No one would read all four unless they really liked them enough to keep going.


Well ladies and gents, today is the BIG DAY! No, I’m not getting married or having a baby, NEW MOON IS COMING OUT you goober heads! Why is this such a big deal? Well, for starters, this is my second favorite Twilight book and they actually did an amazing job with the movie!

Why is this my second favorite book you ask? Well for starters, if you are a female and have ever gotten your heart broken, this book will be easy to relate to. Not only does Bella get her heart ripped out, but she also finds a new love!

This book is pretty slow at certain parts but that’s what makes it so realistic. Bella is suffering, and you suffer with her! I don’t want to give anything away, but the end of the book has you sitting on the edge of the bed!

Oh, and I hate Edward in the book, I understand he did what he thought was right, but he still deserves a punch in the glittery balls!

Did you hate this book? Let me know why!!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

First, I would like you all to know that I LOVE the entire Twilight Series. At first I was very reluctant to pick up the book, my friend begged me for a year to please read it and watch the movie, which I flat out refused. But one day she finally convinced me, and since I had nothing better to do at the time, I agreed. The rest is history, I became obsessed. I read this book in three days. Yes, all 498 pages in THREE days!

I loved that this wasn't your typical vampire story. I actually hate those books, I don't like anything dark with places that I don't even want to picture myself in. When I think of Vampire stories I think of an ugly castle on top of a cliff, where the sun doesn't shine, and the only creatures up there are bats. I HATE THAT! Where on earth does a place like that really exist?! NOWHERE!
But Twilight takes place in Washington State, in a high school, with normal people like you and me. It's very easy to imagine.

Once you get into it, it's very hard to put down. You'll want to know why Edward is acting the way he does towards Bella. It's as if she hates her, and you want to know why as much as she does. Then when you get to know him a little better, you will love him.
This story isn't too much, it's just the beginning of a crazy love story. It's not action packed like the other books, but you will get a little suspense towards the end. From there on the story just gets better.

Those of you that haven't read it because you think you're too cool to have something in common with teeny-boppers are really missing out. Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer. I've never read anything more descriptive than her books. She really wants you to picture and feel what she is picturing and feeling as she is writing. When I read something, I love watching the story unfold in my mind, and she makes sure that we get exactly what she intended.

As for the Twilight movie, I absolutely HATED IT! HATED HATED HATED IT! I was sooooooo mad after I saw it. I couldn't believe they did such a terrible job. I couldn't believe they ruined one of my favorite books like that. It was atrocious! If you haven't seen the movie, please spare yourself. It's the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. However, I loved New Moon, but that's a whole different post.

I'd love to hear what you all have to say. Please leave your comments. This is one discussion I would love to have with both Twilight Lovers and Haters.


Before you read my review, you must know three things. One, when the movie Twilight came out, I made fun of ALL THE LOSERS who where obsessed with it! Mimi was the one who convinced me to read the books, and once I read the first one I was hooked! Secondly, I have a weird obsession for Edward Cullen, and I am 100% team Edward!

Lastly, I am not a fan of the other main character, Bella. She is way too clumsy and in this book she is a big puss, but I guess it’s not her fault.

This book is my least favorite out of the series. Twilight is just warming you up to the characters, once you get to the other books, there will be WAY MORE action. Even though it’s not my favorite, it is still a page-turner and you will want to read the rest of the books.

Having said that, you become sucked into the world of Forks, Washington and the mind of Bella Swan. While reading you feel as if you are Bella, and Edward is your Romeo, no better then Romeo, because in EVERY way, Edward is perfect.

I don’t want to tell you what happens in the book, because you really should read it. But in a nutshell they fall in love and they are faced with quite a few obstacles, but in the end love conquers all.

I also feel the need to point out how mothers are “worried” that their daughters are reading these books. I got this quote off of Amazon. See what this crazy mom has to say:

As I read, I became more and more disturbed by what I was seeing…Pretend for a moment that Edward is not a vampire, but merely a controlling, obsessive, dangerous, violent, stalking, unpredictable, unstable human male. Try re-reading some of the main characters' conversations with that in mind. As a mother, I'm not so worried about my daughter falling in love with a vampire. What I am worried about is her being influenced by the kind of all-too-human male I've just described.”

Seriously lady? You know, young people can read books and actually think on their own after they are done. And believe it or not, most weak ass women end up marrying controlling, obsessive, dangerous and violent men and they haven’t even read these books!

So, in conclusion I think this book is good for any woman of any age. You just have to go in with an open mind, and I promise you will enjoy yourself and the world of Forks.



The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I'm going to be completely honest and just say that I really DIDN'T like this book. At the beginning it had me, It was interesting to me to read about how she couldn't rest until her murder was captured, and about the "in-between." It sort of reminded me of the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, but then the book started to drag on and then it just got plain WEIRD! The neighbor that killed Susie (Don't worry, I didn't ruin anything for you. That's what the story is about.) was a total creepster, and I felt that there really wasn't any justice done for Susie. Some may disagree, but that is my opinion.
I hated Susie's mom for being so selfish. I know people grieve in their own ways, but she was just a stupid slore. I would definitely slap her. And I felt really bad for her dad. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child and then have to deal with his selfish wife.
I just didn't have a connection to this book. I couldn't wait to finish reading, just so I could start a better book. I actually let Christina borrow it, and if she is willing to trade for another book, preferably the Time Travelers Wife (review coming soon), I would gladly take her up on the offer.
I haven't seen the movie yet, I've heard mixed reviews, but I'm sure if I didn't like the book, the movie wasn't going to make it any better, so I'll just watch it when it's HBO and I can watch it for free :)


Almost everyone I know didn’t like this book, and I’m not sure why? It isn’t your normal book, set in the earth we know, which makes it even cooler.

Susie Salmon, the main character, is raped and murdered by her CREEPY ASS next door neighbor. The whole book is about Suzie’s after life and how she watches over her family, friends, and even her creepy killer!

Some may not like this book because it does not have a happy ending, and it is basically extremely depressing, but I find that certain parts of the book makes up for the sadness.

My favorite part of the book is how Susie is not bitter or upset about what happened to her. If I was raped and killed, you better believe I would be pissed and I would try my hardest to get back to earth and chop the guys you-know-what off! Susie on the other hand, is content in her own heaven and comes to peace with the cards she was dealt.

I would recommend this book for both guys and girls, over the age of 18. I think its too depressing to read if you are any younger. It is definitely a page turner, and many parts keep you at the edge of your seat. Can’t wait to see the movie!

Ps: There is so much more I want to say about this book , so if your someone who HATED it, please comment so we can talk about it!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

I really liked this book. I can't say it's one of my favorites, but I also can't say that I didn't enjoy it. This love story didn't have the ending most people would have wanted, but I fell in love with John nonetheless.

There really weren't any characters that I wanted to punch in the thorax, but I did get mad at John and Savannah here and there. Especially John at the beginning, but I really liked how he became a man, and began to understand his dad.

I think they were both a little selfish at times, for example, John thinking Savannah could wait another 2 or 3 years, love and life don't work that way, you can't just ask someone to put their life on hold, and Savannah, you can't ask someone you know loves you, to stay with you during a tough time, when you know it hurts them to be near you. However, when it came down to it, they both proved to be two the most selfless characters I have ever read about.

The ending is bittersweet, and I can't help but to wish that the story wouldn't have ended that way. Then again, that is the amazing thing about Nicholas Sparks, he doesn't always give you what you want, because in reality, not all stories have happy endings.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard they change the ending. That might not be a bad thing because... (Stop here if you haven't read the book or seen the movie)


I heard that Hollywood gave everyone what they wanted.
I'll let you know what I thought of the movie once I see it.

Nicholas Sparks has done it again with this very well written book. It is a true love story between John (basically every straight girl's DREAM) and a goody two shoes Savannah. John was rebellious at times, but his big muscles and loving attitude definitely made up for it.
I don't want to give away the ending but it is a tear jerker!! John does something so unselfish and shows how much he really loves Savannah. Basically you will loose it I promise!

John is one of those characters who you wish you could find in the real world. If I found a man like John I would basically tie him up and lock him in my house so he could never leave!


To sum everything up, John is amazing. Savannah is a bitch. (She is a very nice person but I think she is a bitch for breaking up with John, I feel like she never stopped loving him) And this book is a very easy read that I would recommend to just about anyone. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard it is the exact OPPOSITE of the books ending.. LAME!!