Monday, July 26, 2010

The Things We Do For Love by Kristin Hannah

I absolutely loved this book! The main character Angie is by far one of my all time favorite characters from any book.

She had gone through a lot of heartbreak after not being able to have a baby with her husband, and that eventually cost her her marriage.
While on her road to rebuild her life, she meets a teenage girl who has a piece of shit mom, and it's not long before Lauren (the teen) is the daughter Angie never had, and Angie is the mom Lauren always wanted.

It was a beautiful story. I promise that you will laugh, but I can't promise that you will cry like Christina a.k.a Weenie. This girl tells me she's cried three times by the time she got to chapter five. "Why?" you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!

I have cried when reading books. Actually, I've cried like a little bitch! Time Travelers Wife, Firefly Lane, My Sister's Keeper, The Last Song... The list goes on and on, but this one, no dice.
It was too beautiful to cry. The character's lives only got better, so I have no idea what Christina the idiot was talking, or crying about, for that matter.

You will love the book. I totally did. My heart had so much love for this book that I felt like my heart wanted to burst! No lie!

Read it and let us know what you think.


I never get tired of saying this: Kristin Hannah is AMAZING!

The things we do for love was a wonderful story of family, love, loss, and triumphs.

Mimi thinks there is something wrong with me because I cried so much during this book, but its so hard not to.

Lauren, one of the main characters is an amazing girl put in a crappy situation. Her mom is a useless drunk, slutty bitch, yet Lauren still finds a way to get good grades and hold a steady job.

Angie is an older woman whose marriage is on the rocks and was never able to have children. Somehow the lives of Lauren and Angie collide and that is what makes this amazing book.

I don't want to give anything away, but I will say it is an easy read and it's impossible not to get hooked into the characters, especially Lauren. It is impossible not to cry with her when she is let down over and over again in life.

The end isn't exactly what I wanted, but you will still be satisfied once its over. The book would also be an amazing movie!

Have you read a Kristin Hannah book? Which was your favorite?

Ps: will someone tell Mimi that it's normal to cry when reading a book?! Sheesh!


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