Friday, July 2, 2010

More Than it Hurts You by Darin Strauss

Mimi hated The Lovely Bones and I loved it. So when she told me she wanted me to read a book that she hated called "More Than It Hurts You" I was all game!

But for once, I hated the book also! So many things pissed me off about it. 1. I didn't like the way the author wrote. 2. I didn't like the way he made the women in the book look so weak.

Dr. Stokes, one of the main characters was a black doctor, and a very good doctor at that. But Darin Strauss (the author) made her so weak it drove me insane. Apparently he felt it necessary to make her father an ex convict and have her marry a white jewish guy who ends up divorcing her and later dies. To make her life even crappier, everyone thought she was racist and was trying to break up a white family.

The book is about the Goldin family. Josh and Dori are the parents of Zack and it turns out Dori hurts the baby so she can get more attention from her husband. Dr. Stokes finds this out and wants to have Zack removed so he doesn't get hurt any more.

But in the end, Josh and Dori get to keep the baby because the hospital doesn't want their reputation ruined any more by Dr. Stokes and her convict father.

I kind of gave most of the book away but I think its ok because I don't want you to waste your time and read it. I understand Munchausen's by proxy is a real disorder (which is what Dori has) but still the whole book sucked. It had no real ending and made the men look powerful and the women look weak and unable to make good choices.

So in the end. Don't waste your time. I'm pissed I did!


I absolutely hated this book. When I first bought the book, I thought I would be interesting to read about Muchausens by Proxy, but the more the read the book, the more I wanted to finish it. I hated it, I hated that these people didn't realized that bitch Dori was F-ing crazy!
I totally hated the end. I felt like I had just wasted days of my life reading that book. The end was a huge disappointment. I literally closed the book and yelled "That's it?!?"
It was terrible. Terrible I tell you! Terrible!
No justice at all. Made no sense. I hated it.
Read it, only if you want to read something that pisses you off.


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