Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five People You Meet in Heaven - MOVIE REVIEW

No movie is exactly like the book, but this one pretty much nailed it. Of course I would have been uberly infuriated if they hadn't, I mean Mitch Albom writes the shortest books, I've ever read! They better keep it close!
Everything was kept the same. They took out one part that stayed with me in the book, which was in the chapter with his wife. Where she was driving under a bridge and got into a car accident.
Everything else was exact. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
If you read the book, you will really like the movie. This movie truly brings the book to life.


The 5 people you meet in heaven was an amazing book, and an equally amazing movie!!

I hate when people feel the need to change a great book when they make it into a movie, and thankfully they didn't do that here.

Everything is pretty accurate and just how I imagined it in my head. If you enjoyed the book, you will 100% like the movie. And plus, the main character (when he's younger) looks like Taylor Lautner and Leonardo Dicaprio put together. YUMMY!!!!
- Christina

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