Monday, April 12, 2010

The Last Song Movie Review

Very rarely do I like movies about books I read. Especially my favorite books, but this movie was amazing. It was way better than I expected! And Miley did a great job.
I honestly didn't think I was going to cry at all because I had cried enough reading the book and I thought no scene could surpass that, but there was a scene with Ronnie and her dad that just got the water works going. She made me feel Ronnie's pain all over again. I really like when an actor or actress can really make you feel what they are feeling.

There were a few things that they took out of the movie that I believe were important in the book, but it wasn't too bad. The end and the purpose of the story stayed intact and that's all the matters in the end.

I also have to say how much I LOVED Jonah. He was my favorite character in the book, and his character in the movie didn't disappoint! He was sooo funny and so cute! I love him! I was cracking up when he took breakfast out to Will and Ronnie. Hilarious! One of my favorite parts in the movie.

I loved Will too. Aside from the fact that Liam Hemsworth is a total HOTTTTTIE, Will was so nice, and so funny. I think my favorite part of the entire movie was when they were singing to Maroon 5 in the car. It was soooo funny!

I would totally recommend this movie to all my fellow ladies. Guys might be "too cool" to want to watch it. I saw it with my mom and my younger sister and they both loved it. So you see, there is not age range. I give it an 9 overall. Don't miss out! Go watch it!

The last song was an amazing book, and it was also a great movie. Although some of the events happened differently between the two, it was still genuine and very enjoyable. I dragged my parents go with me, and they both liked it! My mom was even crying..and shuush..don't tell anyone but my dad did also!

It is hard not to fall for Will, played by Liam Hemsworth

just look at him! Seriously! Wow!

I also read a lot of reviews where people were saying Miley Cyrus did a bad job, I on the other hand think she did great. Her crying felt real, although some parts felt a little fake, for the most part I was impressed.

The person who impressed me the most was Jonah, Ronnies little brother. He was so funny in the movie and was so great at crying! If you see that movie and don't cry when you see him cry, well than you must be a heartless bitch! :)

Usually Mimi and I get mad when we watch movies that are also books, but I am here to report that I give it two thumbs up!


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