Monday, August 2, 2010

Shutter Island Movie Review

I was very happy with the way they did this movie. Martin Scorsese really knows how to stay true to a book. It was exactly like book actually. Just like I pictured it. GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS.
I wish all screenplay's were like this. I promise that if you liked the book, you will really enjoy the movie. I also liked that the movie explained the ending a little more. I feel that by just showing you something, it answers the questions you may have had at the end.
Let us know what you thought!

I give Shutter Island an A+ for the movie.. I LOVE it when they keep the book and the movie similar, and that is exactly what they did. Not only that, but Leonardo Dicaprio is amazing in this movie and he is even better to look at for over two hours :) Im not gong to lie, a few parts in the movie made me jump but when I was reading it, I was 10 times more scared. So basically if you enjoyed the movie, it is a given you will enjoy the book, but nothing different happens, so don't waste your time :)

Did you like the movie? What did you think about the ending? That KILLS ME!!


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