Tuesday, May 25, 2010

True Colors by Kristin Hannah


True Colors was another good one from Kristin Hannah. She has not failed me yet. Definitely a top five author.

I love that her stories have more than just a love story to them. Family and or friends play a huge role in her books.

This story is about three sisters, they are very close, with the exception of the hater Winona. She has a grudge against her youngest sister and when her sister needs her the most, she sits there and basically does nothing.

There was a point in this book where I literally hated EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. EVERY ONE OF THEM! I don’t think that’s ever happened before. I can’t even say I liked one a little. Nope. They were all assholes.

This is one of the most scandalous books I’ve ever read. Once I got into it, I inhaled it. It’s a good read. In the end you’ll be left with a bittersweet taste. However, I enjoyed it. I would totally pick up another Kristen Hannah book soon. She has yet to disappoint.



True colors is another great book by Kristin Hannah. Basically she is my new favorite author.

This is a story about sisters and how they are torn apart by jealousy and men.

A lot of stuff goes on in this book like a surprise wedding, a divorce, an arrest, so scandalous I love it.

Not only are the sisters torn apart, but one sister in particular basically goes through hell with her husband. I don't want to give it away but I'm telling you...this book is a winner!!

I do have to point out that one of the sisters is a total selfish bitch. She acts like she can only think with her you-know-what between her legs! She obviously never heard the saying "chicks before dicks!" Pisssshhhh!!!!

Anyways, the end is perfect, and you all know I love perfect endings. I promise you will enjoy this book! Most library's have it, so get off your lazy butt and drive to the library and pick it up! Let me know what you think!


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  1. The story was very touching. It made me think of family relationships and how we are easy to hold grudges against one another. I had to keep reading as wanted to find out what happens to a family when a member is wrongly accused of a crime.