Friday, May 21, 2010

The Last Child- John Hart

Well its official. I get way too involved in these books. Call me a nerd, a weirdo, whatever. But if you pick up this book, the same thing will happen to you.

The Last Child was very well written, filled with extremely nail biting suspense, and topped with a roller coaster of emotions!

What would you do if your twin got abducted, your dad left home, and your mom became a drug addicted alcoholic? That was the life of Johnny Merrimon and this was the story of what he went through to uncover the truth.

Luckily, Johnny had a best friend who was there to help him and one cop he could trust but by the end of the book..I wasn't even trusting his mom! Johnny uncovers so many things and as the pages turn you keep thinking something different.

There are quite a few scum bag characters in this book that deserve more than a kick in the balls. When you read along you will know who they are. Luckily-most of them get what they deserved!

I really enjoyed this book. I give it a 10!! It isn't a sappy love story but you will be hooked from the beginning. I think just about anyone would enjoy it..I am even going to make one of my guy friends read it!

The end wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it's a reminder that everything happens for a reason and everyone is put into your life for a purpose.

Please read it and tell me what you think!

I'm going to admit, it took me a while to get into this book. It was kind of slow at the beginning and every single character was pissing me off. Except for Johnny (the main character) his friend Jack, and detective Hunt.

Johnny's mom was distraught because her daughter was abducted and she became so crazy that she drove her husband away. Then she got involved with the biggest douche bag in the history of books and was always drunk and drugged up.
Poor 13 year old Johnny was left to care for his mother who apparently forgot she had another child to be strong for. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child, but if I had another child to be strong for, I would. I'm not one to abandon ship.

There is a detective that you will like, Detective Hunt. He goes above and beyond to help Johnny and his mom and he constantly get crap for it from his partners and his son. I think he's the only guy I didn't doubt in the book. Everyone else will be a suspect. That is for sure.

My favorite Character is Levi. He is such a pure soul. He's a good guy that has just had a tough life, and I love how he has some sort of divine purpose in the book to finally bring peace to Johnny and his mom.

I would totally recommend this book to both women and men. The last 100 pages will definitely have you sweating bullets. And although you may have somewhat of a suspicion of who really hurt Alyssa, (Johnny's sister) you can't imagine the crazy twist the book takes.

Let me know what you think about this book. I really want to know.


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