Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline


I happened to just have stumbled upon Look Again on the Borders website. As soon as I saw the cover and title I was like “I have to read this book.”

You think you will predict what will happen, and I’m usually really good at that, but this one threw me a curveball!

It was so suspenseful! Following the main character (Ellen) through her journey to find out if the missing child on the flier is her adopted son is crazy.

You will hate one of her co-workers. Christina seems to have forgiven the bitch, but I couldn’t. She was just such a backstabber! I can’t stand people like that.

You will be satisfied with the end. You won’t be like “WOW THAT WAS AN AMAZING END!” but you will smile and put the book down like “Okay J”

I don’t know if I will rush to buy another Lisa Scottoline book again, but I will say that this one was very good. I just didn’t like the way she described Ellen’s cat Oreo Figaro. Aside from the fact that I hated the name, it seemed like she was trying to personify the cat too much. She would say things like “Oreo Figaro gave me a disapproving look” and things like that when I felt they were out of place.

I also didn’t like that she ended a few chapters in the exact same way. For example, “and Ellen knew what she had to do next.” It was too repetitive for me.

She does have some good titles to her other books, but I feel like there are so many other books I’d rather read first. Maybe it’s just me.

If you have read the book or are going to, let me know what you think. I want to see if anyone saw the curveball coming.



Look Again was a book that Mimi decided we should read. Did I ever tell you she was smarter than she looks? Well she is, because this book was UNBEWEAVEABLE! It is a different kind of love story, the love between a child and a mother.

Ellen, the main character is a reporter and is faced with a huge dilemma. In the mail she gets a flyer about a lost child and the child looks identical to her adopted son Will. Being a reporter, she finds the need to investigate and find out if it is her son, and being the mother she feels so should not continue to look into it, for fear that she would have to give Will up.

The book is about her journey and the information she finds is pretty crazy. I kept trying to figure out what would happen next, and of course I was never right. If you like a good mystery story and feel like crying a little, this book would be great for you!

There are a few characters I wanted to punch in the face but if I tell you, it will give the ending away.. so when you read it you will know EXACTLY who I am talking about!

If you have read the book, I want to know if you think Ellen did the right thing?



  1. Excellent read.

    Kept be interested from the start. I have a very busy schedule and not much time to read, but I found myself stealing bits of time away to grab and read or get in a few chapters every night before bed - always wondering what was she going to do next - but I was ALWAYS surprised. I loved how she kept moving forward and never really wallowed in self-pity or the drama...

    Loved the suspense, realistic characters, a well-deserved romance (Marcelo was yummy) and excellent ending. I laughed AND cried.

    She did an excellent job of setting up each character. For me, they each came alive and felt real - she gave them each their own purpose in this story and each was well rounded - I could almost imagine what they looked like and how they spoke.

    And, Yes, Christina, I think Ellen did the right thing. As much as I'd hate to admit that few might do the same, it was right for the story, characters and ending. I love stories that come full circle with closure. It balances out those I've read that leave you hanging - I hate that feeling as much as I love reading them, too.

    Left me wondering if much of the circumstances could actually happen ??

    - Laura, Idaho

  2. I loved look again. I just got finished with it and I was very satisfied. It was just so realistic and suspenseful! But another really good book that I just got finished reading is called "almost perfect" I forgot the name of the author but I loved the book. Good luck.

  3. Very dramatic turn of events. This book was very intriguing. A good mix of a mothers love, crime and suspense. A mother searches for the truth, and does what she can to protect her child even if it effects herself. A very heartwarming story in a non typical way. Weather you have children or not,you feel for the mother and her child, it keeps you turning the pages until the end. And then I was left wanting more,I scanned the back looking for a prelude of this story.